Stoneleigh Surgery

Police Square, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7PW

Ash Trees/Stoneleigh Surgery Merge

Website Update

In June this year Stoneleigh Surgery merged with Ash Trees Surgery.  This will have no impact on Stoneleigh Surgery patients, it just means that patients will have more access to appointments across all our branches, should there not be an appointment available at Stoneleigh, particularly given the current pandemic and the restricted service we are able to offer in terms of number of clinics available on the site due to having to adhere to social distancing rules.

With this in mind it has been decided to integrate the websites so we just have one that covers all the sites.  The new website will no longer be, instead we are advising patients to go direct to where all of the latest news for Stoneleigh, Arnside and Ash Trees surgery will be.  From the 1st October the current Stoneleigh website will be no longer available.

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