Stoneleigh Surgery

Police Square, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7PW

GP retirements at Stoneleigh

A message from Dr Orton

“You will no doubt be aware of the problems in General Practice nationally, with GP practices closing and a recruitment crisis.

We understand the concerns arising following announcements of three GP Partner retirements from Stoneleigh Surgery.  We were determined to avoid going down the road of large conglomerate practices with poor patient access and little continuity of care, that have become the solutions in other areas.  So we are pleased to inform you that thanks to support from our neighbouring practices, we are well on our way with planning for next year, and are optimistic regarding recruitment.  The specifics have yet to be worked out, and we will keep you informed, but our intention and our expectation is, that you, as a patient, will not notice any difference in the way your surgery works, except, perhaps, for a few new faces!”